Stylish Flare Jeans and Sexy Denim Shorts – Great Vacation Wear

Whether one goes on a vacation or stay-cation, there is a great need for comfort and style. It’s easy to bring along a pair of blue jeans and a plain pair of shorts but to be truly stylish and unique, bring a pair of flare jeans and denim shorts. Flare jeans are just as comfortable as any other jeans but have a unique and fun style, they also go with everything. Denim shorts are great because they also go with everything, and they’re also very comfortable. Additionally, both flare jeans and denim shorts are perfect for vacation because they don’t need to be ironed and they can be washed in a bathtub or sink.

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Flare jeans are unique because of the bell-shaped leg. Some styles have a large bell and some just flare out slightly at the ankle. There are styles with embroidery on the flare. Many of the jeans have embroidered rock bands, butterflies or cartoon characters. It’s a terrific way to set yourself apart from everyone else in a special pair of jeans.

Denim shorts come in a variety of styles as well. There are short styles, Bermuda, and carpenter styles of shorts. Short denim shorts are above the mid-thigh. Bermuda shorts reach to the knee. Carpenter shorts have tabs of material that were originally meant to hold tools for carpenters to use while they labored; today they’re just decoration on most jeans.

Both jeans and shorts in denim styles have a bunch of different looks one can purchase. There is the distressed style which is a jean made to look worn. There are stonewashed jeans which make the fabric very soft and the color very light. And there are acid wash jeans which have streaks of white throughout the jean. There are low-rise styles where the waist sits on the hips, rather than the natural waist. And there are skinny jeans which are a very tight fitted jean, sometimes used with stretch material.

Besides style, denim shorts and flare jeans come in a variety of colors from which to choose. While blue jeans go with everything, sometimes one wants a dash of color to spice up the closet. Blue jeans may go with everything, but most other colors do not. When bringing these on vacation, it’s most important to have a versatile wardrobe. Therefore, blue is the best color to pack in your suitcase.

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