4 Best Camping Tents Buying Tips – How to Get the Right One

Often, the best camping tents are judged by the time they’re already field-tested. That’s why it is very helpful to read actual experiences by other campers with a certain brand and type of tent. Of course, high-quality products demand higher prices. But with much research and patience, landing the best camping tents appropriate for your budget is very possible.

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If you’ve scouted the internet already, you’re probably well aware that there are practically hundreds of choices out there for you. Finding the best camping tents can prove to be a losing battle at times. But of course, there’s always a convenient solution to that: join camping forums or research reputable online reviews. It’s not rocket science, but it’s usually how others effectively narrow down their choices and ultimately make a final pick.

One product that you might want to take a look at is the MSR Hubba-Hubba Tent. It’s a freestanding 2-person tent with 29 square feet of free floor space to offer. It is very lightweight and weighs 3 pounds and 11 ounces. It is currently selling for $279.99 to $329.95. You can find it at REI.com, SunnySports.com, and GanderMountain.com.

The main selling point of the MSR Hubba-Hubba is its easy-to-set-up design. It only takes about 5 minutes or less to set the whole thing up. There are no complicated and frustrating assembly parts to worry about-one pole is even enough. It’s also very portable and doesn’t take up much space when packed. Not to mention, it requires less effort to carry around.

It’s very comfortable. With its light fabric materials, you can still expect that you’ll be protected from sand, rain, wind, and snow. It can provide enough interior space for two persons and two gear storage vestibules. You can use it either as a two freestanding tarp-shelter or double-walled tent.

The main drawback with this product is its inability to ward off condensation. But, fortunately, you could usually solve that by opening a small portion of your tent entrance. Or you could just wipe off the formed moisture using a dry cloth.

To make it easier for you, it would really help a lot if you know what time of the year you mostly go out for camping. This will help you choose among 2-season, 3-season, and 4-season tents. A 3-season tent will usually do, but it’s not enough for extremely cold, snowy weather conditions. In those situations, it is best if you stick with a 4-season camping tent.

Always add an imaginary extra person to the total number of people who are going to occupy the tent. If there are three of you, it would be more comfortable if you choose a 4-person tent or at least something that has extra space for gears.

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