The Basics of Garage Door Repair

Fixing a malfunctioned garage door does not need you to pay a specific amount to someone. Believe it; you can fix it on your own even if you are just an immature handyman.

Actually, the garage door can be categories into two main sections. The first one is known as the operating mechanism which is responsible for the opening and closing operations. If you check the garage door walls thoroughly, you will find metal tracks along with the ceiling which is controlled by the garage door springs. These tracks support the garage door to run smoothly. The second important part is the garage door itself.

If you want to know how to fix a broken garage door, there are three main techniques that you can perform to handle your non-functional garage door. The first one is to check and maintain the metal tracks. These are the most used component of the garage door which also breaks most often.

To inspect the condition of tracks, look at the brackets which are connected with the tracks on the wall of the garage. If you found any loose part on the tracks, simply tighten the screws, bolts, or nuts. If they become rusty and worn out simple change them with the new ones. You can also replace the entirely metal bracket if its shape is out of order.

Another important part of garage door repair is to check the balance and alignment of tracks. They are essential components that allow the garage door to run smoothly. If the horizontal track is adjusted at an angle of a little lower than the backtracks, it means it is properly aligned. If you found any sagging or imbalanced track, simply lose the blots and screws carefully, but do not take them completely out, reposition them to their right place. If you have any dented tracks, flatten it with the help of rubber hummer. In case of the badly damaged track, you will have to replace it immediately to make your garage door functional once again.

Garage doors are operated with the support of high-quality springs. They are responsible to lift the heavyweight of garage door while opening. They become loose and worn out due to the frequent use and high amount of torsion imposed on them. Broken torsion springs should be replaced as soon as possible or you can also transfer its hook further to extend its life.  If you have a roll-up garage door, it means that your system has torsion spring along with the pulley. To deal with the problem, simply take off the cable and pull at the plate placed above the garage door simultaneously. After adjusting the torsion springs, fix the knot tightly to stabilize the tension.

Note: Garage door springs replacement can be a dangerous and challenging job. It can hurt or even kill you if you are not sure how to handle them. If torsion springs break suddenly, it can smash anything underneath it. Thus, stay away from handling the torsion springs on your own. It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional garage door repair company to deal with the broken garage door springs and to restore the performance of the garage door.  

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